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Blender Node Editor Workflows

Basics about - a.k.a. why I Love - the Blender Node System

The Blender Node Editor offers a variety of functions that are not obvious when you open it for the first time, see this article about where they are and why they can make your life easier.

Blender Fluid Particle Demo

Blender Fluid Particles Demo #01

With the upcoming meshing capabilities the fluid particles in Blender will get a lot more possible use cases. We created a really big fluid particle scene and tested the cubesurfer addon for meshing.

Mantaflow Blender Demo 01

Blender Mantaflow Integration Demo #1

Mantaflow is a unified simulation framework for both fluid and smoke simulations. It is currently integrated into Blender. BlenderDiplom will provide demos of the state of integration whenever new features arrive.

Blender Cycles Smoke Fire Drink

Blender 2.71: Smoke and Fire in Cycles #2

More Cycles smoke and fire awesomeness in this demo video, this time including explosions!

Blender NYC Exhibition Eyebeam

Blender at NYC Art Exhibition

Recently, I got contacted by a team of artists who wanted to do an exhibition in NYC with support from Eyebeam. I donated a simulation created in Blender.

Blender Cycles Smoke Fire

Blender 2.71: Smoke and Fire in Cycles

Blender 2.71 will have the possibility to render smoke and fire in Cycles. This is a feature many users have waited for since Cycles was first shown to the public. Here are some demos:

Cubism style in Blender

As I was trying to come up with a title image for the updated displace modifier tutorial, I simply used it on Suzanne. The result reminded me very much of cubism style, more precisely of a painting I had to reproduce in school: Picasso's Three Musicians. I studied the original and realized:

Publish modules to the "offcanvas" position.