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What's new in The Cycles Encyclopedia 1.4?

The new Version of BlenderDiplom's Cycles Encyclopedia is out. If you don't want to scrub through it looking for the latest additions yourself, here is a list of the most important changes.

  • 46 pages (pdf) of additional information, including changes in Blender 2.78.
  • Detailed information about the Point Density node.

Model and textures are courtesy of

  • New Studies of the Subsurface Scattering node, including the new Christensen-Burley method and tipps and tricks on how to get more realistic skin shaders.

  • The Toon Shader chapter was updated to include appropriate lighting situations, render settings, more examples and how to avoid several pitfalls.
  • The Musgrave texture is now explained in detail.
  • A sample image for each Color Mix node.

Color Mix: Linear Light

  • The ColorRamp node comes with two new options, HSL and HSV, we added detailed information about the difference and images to demonstrate the differences.
  • The Vector Curves chapter now contains example images explaining both positive and negative axes.
  • For all our German readers there are especially good news: the translation is up and included in your original purchase, you can download it for no extra cost.

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