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using bing chatgpt to improve stable diffusion ai in Blender

We used an AI to improve another AI in Blender

We used Bing ChatGPT to write an addon that adds shortcuts to easily cycle through images in Blender. It worked out of the box with some minor fixes. Then we adapted the resulting addon to Dream Textures.

The Strange Prisoner Experiment

I found a video about this experiment on Youtube, made by Veritasium and recreated it using Python in Blender.

blender viewport demystified

The Blender Viewport Background Demystified

With the release of Blender 2.83 it is finally possible to adjust the bluriness of the background in material preview shading mode. That means we can finally find out what has been hiding behind the curtain of bluriness we have been looking at whenever we opened up the shading workspace for the first time.

blender advanced fx

Training: Advanced FX with Blender

A 3-day long, all-round live training course on the more technical subjects of Blender 2.8. From getting to know the Cycles render engine inside out to simulation systems and the allmighty Animation Nodes addon. We expect participants to already know Blender’s basics.

blender advanced fx

Training Course: Advanced FX with Blender - 01.08.-03.08.19

As part of the official training program of the Blender Institute, Gottfried Hofmann will hold a training course on advanced FX in Blender 2.8 at the Blender Headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands from the first to the third of August 2019.

blender cycles documentation

Why You Need The Cycles Encyclopedia

I'm just going to claim: "If you work with cycles on a fairly regular basis, you need The Cycles Encyclopedia." And here is why:

lamp texture cycles blender

Release Notes for the Cycles Encyclopedia 1.5 Update

Hurray, the long-awaited update for The Cycles Encyclopedia is finally out. As promised it is free for every user who has already purchased the book. All updates refer to the official Blender 2.79b release. Here is what we added:

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