Blender Mantaflow Integration Demo #2

The integration of Mantaflow into Blender got a big boost with this year's Google Summer of Code (GSoC). While it is still far from finished, interested users can test it out in the fluid-mantaflow branch.

The following video shows a series of tests conducted during August and September 2016 by the BlenderDiplom team. At that time, the liquid simulation of Mantaflow did allow little more than dropping fluids into fluids. The sheets that form during the dropping appear to be kinda stable, at least a lot more stable than the ones in the old elbeem simulation code.

The last simulation is a first test of the obstacle support. Even though the bowl has a thickness, some fluid drips through. Also note that it seems like the fluid is expanding in the last simulation. If you want to test the current state of Mantaflow, check out You should find builds for both linux and windows over there.