Loop Cut und Offset Edge Loop Cut in Blender 2.8

The loop cut tool in Blender allows you to place cuts that follow the topology of our model and the offset edge loop cut tool even works in two directions at once.

blender boolean modifier

Tutorial: Boolean Modifier in Blender 2.78

The Boolean Modifier has received an upgrade in Blender 2.78, watch this tutorial to find out all about the modifier and what the changes are.
Have you ever wondered why the boolean modifier does not respect materials of the boolean mesh? Find out all about it, including the difference between BMesh and Carve as well as how to preserve the materials and UVs.

blender animation nodes installation

Tutorial: Installing the Animation Nodes

Frederik Steinmetz explains how to download and install Jacque Lucke's Animation Nodes Addon. Outdated! Recent version is here!

animation nodes epitrochoid 3d

Epitrochoid 3D - Animation Nodes Fun with Math pt.3

Finally it is time to take the epitrochoid into the third dimension in the third installment of the math is fun with animation nodes series.

Blender instead of photoshop

Tutorial: Real 3D and Fake 3D Combined

Blender is a really versatile program. It can even be used as a replacement for image manipulation programs like Photoshop or Krita in some cases, with the added benefit that real and fake 3D can be combined.

blender camera animation path

Tutorial: Camera Animation Along a Path

David Mcsween shows how to achieve a classic map travel effect using a path object in Blender and letting a camera follow the path. This is a real world production example.

blender 2.8 animation nodes epitrochoid

Epitrochoid - Animation Nodes Fun with Math pt.2

An Epitrochoid is another example of a figure that can be created in Blender using the Animation Nodes addon and a bit of math. Frederik Steinmetz shows how to save a lot of node-wrangling by placing the formulas right inside an expression node.

Blender Animation Nodes Rotation Tracking

Tutorial: Animation Nodes Target Tracking

In the second part of the BlenderDiplom Halloween 2016 series Frederik Steinmetz shows how to use animation nodes to track the rotation of several objects towards another object at once and how to use the setup to easily control further attributes and effects.

Blender Cycles Normals Baking

Tutorial: Normal Baking with Cycles

This article is about baking normals with the Cycles Render Engine. But it also contains excerpts from our book The Cycles Encyclopedia. This is where you can get extensive information about how normals work internally and what they are used for.

trefoil knot blender animation nodes

Trefoil Knot - Animation Nodes Fun with Math pt.1

Animation Nodes in Blender 2.8 can make math less daunting than usual. In the first part of this series Frederik Steinmetz shows how to convert a mathematical formula into an animation nodes tree that procedurally creates the famous trefoil knot.

blender sculpt shape key morph

Tutorial: Sculpted Shape Key Morph

It's Halloween 2016 - scary eyes everywhere - looking at you! Frederik Steinmetz shows how to morph a sculpted mesh using shape keys and how to make objects look towards the camera.

blender snowflake

Tutorial: Snowflake in Blender and Cycles

This second BlenderDiplom winter special will focus on a stylized snowflake inside a snowstorm rendered in Cycles. The first part is about easy snowflake modeling and is presented to you by Christoph Pöhler while in the second part Gottfried Hofmann will show you how to render it in Cycles.

blender 2.8 camera widgets

Blender 2.8 Camera Widgets Overview

In Blender 2.8 the camera got viewport widgets as well. One to change the focal length which is always on and one to change the focal plane which needs to be activated first. Gottfried Hofmann gives a quick overview.

blender cycles musgrave texture

Musgrave Texture in Cycles by Example

Kenneth F. Musgrave came up with an algorithm to create procedural patterns suitable for creating procedural terrain. His results actually exceed this purpose and can produce some very interesting patterns. His methods are implemented in Cycles but they are largely overlooked.

normal baking tutorial blender internal

Tutorial: Normal Baking Blender Internal

By baking normal maps, you can add lots of details to models without increasing the polycount. Baked normal maps are used a lot in games, but are also useful for animations and still renderings. This tutorial shows you how to bake normals using the Blender Internal renderer.

Blender 2.8 Light Widgets

Blender 2.8 Light Widgets Overview

In Blender 2.8 light objects in the viewport have widgets that allow for a point-and-shoot lighting workflow, easy resizing and more. Gottfried Hofmann guides you through all of them.

blender animation nodes letter wiggle

Tutorial: Animation Nodes Letter Wiggle

The Animation Nodes addon for Blender allows you to animate individual letters of a word. This tutorial shows you how by adding a little bit of random movement to each letter using the wiggle node.

Blender Cycles Volume Scatter

Tutorial: Cycles Volume Scatter Explained

Volume scattering is used to create effects like smoke, dust, clouds, sun beams (a.k.a. god rays) and similar things. This tutorial will help you understand everything about volume scatter in Cycles and how to get the effects you expect from it.

blender 2.8 animation nodes

Animation Nodes Installation in Blender 2.8

The powerful addon Animation Nodes ist a must-have for every motion graphics artist using Blender. Learn how to install and run it in the all-new Blender 2.8.

Blender Animation Nodes Wiggle

Tutorial: Animation Nodes Wiggle Explained

The Animation Nodes addon for Blender comes with several nodes to accomplish a wiggle effect. This tutorial explains in-depth all the options and internals.

blender sun beams node light rays

Tutorial: Light Rays using Sun Beams Node

Blender 2.72 introduced the sun beams node in the compositor. It comes in really handy when creating light rays. Since it is a pure post-pro effect, it can even be applied to images.

blender principled sss scale

Tutorial: Reconstruct the Scale Option for SSS with the Principled Shader

Subsurface scattering (SSS) is an essential tool to make organic materials look real. They are probably most commonly used in human skin, but they pretty much apply for any living object, as well as some inanimate ones. Our skin consists of several layers, which all have different colors. Contrary to plastic they are also very heterogenous, meaning they consist of cells, blood, collagen and more. As a result light that penetrates the surface gets scattered.

blender cycles ink drop

Tutorial: Ink Drop Effect with Cycles

Ink drops in water are heavily used elements in graphic and motion design. You can create them right inside Blender. And thanks to the Cycles render engine you can create the traditional and more modern variants with ease.

Blender Sniper Addon Tutorial

Tutorial: Sniper Addon Detailed Explanation

Want to create awesome motion graphics with little effort? Sniper is a cool new addon for Blender that helps automate kinetic typography and more. Control your camera by where it should point to.

blender corrective smooth modifier tutorial

Tutorial: Corrective Smooth Modifier in Blender

When your mesh gets heavily distorted by deform modifiers, like the armature modifier, the corrective smooth modifier can help you sand off those edges. What we didn't mention in the video is: in addition to combination with other modifiersyou can also relax and blend shape keys with the corrective smooth, using the bind choords option.

Blender Animation Nodes Coin Stack

Tutorial: Create a Growing Coin Stack with Animation Nodes

For modern presentation it is often helpful to underline important points with an animation. In this tutorial you will learn how to stack objects and animate the result. It is like an array modifier with random offset.

blender modern hologram cycles

Tutorial: Modern Hologram Shader in Cycles

Jonathan Lampel shows you how to set up a Cycles shader that turns your Blender models into modern day holograms.

blender manipulate centers only

Help, I Cannot Scale! - Manipulate Center Points Explained

Have you ever run into the situation that you cannot scale anything anymore in Blender? You might have accidentially turned on "manipulate centers only". While this feature is a regular annoyance for beginners, it is actually very powerful. Frederik Steinmetz shows how to use it by example.

Randomness in Blender Animation Nodes

Animation Nodes: Random Numbers (Update)

Computers cannot generate truly random numbers. Why that is, and why it actually is an advantage for animators is demonstrated in this video tutorial by Frederik Steinmetz. Discover what a seed value is and when and how to use it.

blender cycles volumetrics

Tutorial: Volumetric Logo Reveal in Cycles

Blender 2.7x got a great new feature - volumetrics in Cycles! Learn the basics of the volume scatter effect in this tutorial.

blender caustics rendering appleseed

Rendering Caustics in Blender with appleseed

Cycles is a great production renderer, but it currently struggles with one thing: caustics! Thankfully there are other open source render engines available. One is of particular interest for this case: appleseed. This quick tutorial shows how to render caustics in Blender with Blenderseed, the appleseed plugin for Blender.

blender animation nodes installation guide

Installation and Introduction to the Animation Nodes (Update)

A lot has changed since we first published the introduction to the animation nodes. So once again Frederik Steinmetz will explain the installation and basic usage of Jacques Lucke's Animation Nodes Addon for Blender. A tutorial for version 2.8 of Blender can be found here!

blender laplacian deform modifier

Tutorial: Laplacian Deform Modifier

The Laplacian Deform Modifier in Blender is super-useful for simple posing of objects, but the usage can be somewhat obscure. That's why Frederik Steinmetz is helping you out!

mask modifier blender

Tutorial: Mask Modifier in Blender 2.79

The mask modifier has received an update in Blender 2.79. Frederik Steinmetz explains all settings in depth and shows example situations where the mask modifier might come in handy.

Typewriter Text Effect Blender Tutorial

Tutorial: Typewriter Text Effect

Using the Animation Nodes addon, a typewriter effect in Blender has become a matter of minutes. Frederik Steinmetz shows you how to do it.

blender wireframe modifier

Tutorial: Wireframe Modifier

One of the cool new things in Blender 2.70 is the wireframe modifier. Frederik Steinmetz shows you how to use it and explains all options.