Interviews with interesting people from the Blender community and beyond.

francesco siddi

Interview: Francesco Siddi from Tears of Steel

Francesco Siddi is 3D artist and animator in the team for the upcoming open movie Tears of Steel. He is also in charge for the project's website. BlenderDiplom talked with him about the workflow they used and the openness of the project in general.
tracking team mango

Interview: Mango Tracking Team

The Open Movie Project Mango is in full-blown production right now. At last year's Blender conference, the tracking team consisting of the two coders Keir Mierle and Sergey Sharybin and the matchmover Sebastian König met in person for the first time. BlenderDiplom was there, too!
brecht van lommel

Interview: Brecht van Lommel on Cycles

BlenderDiplom interviews Brecht van Lommel, the main developer behind Cycles, Blender's new render engine with realtime-preview. Find out why he started Cycles, what is planned for the future and why Cycles supports CPU, OpenCL and CUDA.

jeroen bakker

Interview: Jeroen Bakker on the new Compositor

At the moment, Jeroen Bakker ist doing a big overhaul of the Blender compositor to create a better user experience and adapt it to modern hardware. BlenderDiplom had the pleasure to interview him about the project and his experiences with crowdfunding!

thomas dinges

Interview: Thomas Dinges on organizing Blender events.

Thomas Dinges, better known under his nickname DingTo, has organized quite a bit of Blender events, like BlenderDay for three years in a row or this year for the first time the Blender booth at FMX. BlenderDiplom did an interview on how he got into Blender and his advice for people who also would like to organize Blender events.

nathan letwory

Interview: Nathan Letwory on QuickTime in Blender

There has been quite a bit of rambling in the Blender community on the drop of external QuickTime support in Windows builds of Blender 2.58. Nathan Letwory, one of the release managers for the Windows platforms, explains the reasons behind the decision.