Interviews with interesting people from the Blender community and beyond.

ken museth

Interview: Ken Museth on OpenVDB

OpenVDB is not in Blender yet, but there are plans to include it in future releases. You might wonder - what is this OpenVDB all about? BlenderDiplom talked with Ken Museth, lead developer of OpenVDB at Dreamworks, about the project and what users can expect from a software that uses OpenVDB.

mato freestyle blender

Interview: Tamito Kajiyama from Freestyle

Tamito Kajiyama is the developer who has worked on the integration of Freestyle into Blender for the longest period of time. Since 2009 he is the maintainer of the project. In this interview, he talks about the history and hurdles of the Freestyle integration development and how motivating it is to have active users in early stages of development.

sean kennedy blender

Interview: Sean Kennedy on Blender in Hollywood

Sean Kennedy is a compositing artist who has been working for the notable studio R&H until it went bankrupt (and got a special effects oscar). In his work he had used Blender every now and then to polish his shots. BlenderDiplom talked to him at last year's Blender Conference.

Thomas Dinges

Interview: Thomas Dinges on OSL in Cycles

Thomas Dinges is a Blender developer and was one of the driving forces behind the creation of a working implementation of Open Shading Language (OSL) in Cycles. He is also hosting the website which features news, background infos and tutorials for OSL. This interview was conducted at FMX 2013 and was released in the magazine Digital Production in German language.

larry gritz

Interview: Larry Gritz - Lead Developer of OSL

BlenderDiplom interviews Larry Gritz, lead developer of the Open Shading Language (OSL) at Sony Pictures Imageworks. OSL has been sticking around in Cycles for a while and is supported by the latest version of V-Ray which is currently in Beta. This interview was conducted in May 2013 and was first released in German language in the magazine Digital Production.

todd mcintosh

Interview: Todd McIntosh from SavetheOceanSim

BlenderDiplom had a little talk with Todd McIntosh, the guy whose fundraising campaign Save the Ocean Sim brought us the ocean simulation modifier for Blender 2.5x.
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