Tutorial: ARewO Blender Addon

In this tutorial Frederik Steinmetz demonstrates the functions of the Animation Replicator with Offset. This video gives you a detailed explanation on what you can use this Addon for.

  • 00:00 Overview and Installation of the Addon
  • 02:00 The Linear Offset
  • 09:30 What you need to know about Delta Transformation
  • 11:00 The Object Offset - animating your Placer Object
  • 15:00 Object Offset - understanding the options
  • 18:00 Animating the scale of your Placer object to use with inherit Scale Option
  • 21:20 Animating the Rotation of your Placer object to use with inherit Rotation Option to form a spiral
  • 26:30 Placing objects along a path
  • 31:00 The Armature Offset
  • 35:00 Using negative scale to mirror your replicates
  • 36:30 The Speed Up Tools and Apply Modifier explained

You can download the ARewO Addon here.

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