Tutorial: Two Title Animations - Grunge and Sleek Rays

This is a double-tutorial! A grunge title animation and a sleek god ray logo reveal. Learn how to create two different intros in just one tutorial! And find out how to keep your noodles clean using node groups.

This is a reminescense of the first BlenderDiplom Tutorial Challenge. The best submission came from Grégoire, who kindly allowed me to share his Blendfile and create a tutorial on his effect. I got so much into his effect that I created a grunge version of it, too! Check out both in this new tutorial:

  • 00:00 - 03:07 Final effect preview and overview
  • 03:07 - 10:32 How to add 3D text and Blender and how to set up the pass index
  • 10:32 - 15:32 Creating a mask for the logo using the object index and ID mask node
  • 15:32 - 18:26 Adding the halo effect via the directional blur node
  • 18:26 - 25:09 Stacking blur effects to build an overbright spot
  • 25:09 - 29:07 Putting things together for the sleek god ray effect
  • 29:07 - 33:19 Changing the intro to a grunge version

Download the finished Blendfile and the grunge texture here!

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