Release Notes for the Cycles Encyclopedia 1.5 Update

Hurray, the long-awaited update for The Cycles Encyclopedia is finally out. As promised it is free for every user who has already purchased the book. All updates refer to the official Blender 2.79b release. Here is what we added:

  • Chapter on the new Principled Shader.

encyclopedia sheen

  • Chapter on shader based mesh displacement and adaptive resolution.

encyclopedia displacement

  • Chapter on hair primitives.

enyclopedia ribbons

  • Detailed explanation and demo renderings for the new and awesome denoiser.

encyclopedia denoise

  • GGX Multiscatter and Microfacets explained and compared.
  • Updated UI Images where necessary.
  • The new texturing options for lamps.

encyclopedia lamp texture world will blend

  • Shadow Catcher

encyclopedia shadow catcher

  • Many, many images, most of them pretty.

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